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Life Settlement Origination

We are a highly specialized team of insurance and finance professionals  with more than two decades of experience helping clients acquire, manage, and sell life settlement assets. Our core services include:

  • Policy Acquisition
  • Premium Optimization
  • Servicing
  • Policy Analysis and Valuation
  • Asset Dispositions

Comprehensive Approach

Navigating the life settlement market can be difficult.  The goal should be simple.  Achieve risk adjusted returns not correlated to the financial markets. Getting to the goal can be anything but simple. The market place is fragmented and filled with various intermediaries, vendors, counter-parties, service providers and others none of which can be completely aligned with your interests

Committed To Service

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. Call us today to find out how we can help you make a successful entry into the life settlement asset class or enhance your existing life settlement operation

Company History

Senior Settlements

Founded in 1998, Senior Settlements  was one of the first companies to introduce Life Settlements to the Capital Markets. The Company engaged Bear Stearns in 1999 to render financial advisory and investment banking services in connection with the issuance of securities collateralized by life insurance policies. In 2000, the Company closed one of the very first credit facilities for the acquisition of life settlements with Dresdner Bank in the amount of $100 million.

Since its inception in 1998, the secondary market for life insurance has created a tremendous opportunity for the selling of an unneeded of unwanted life insurance polices for fair value. Just as the industry has experienced explosive growth, so too has Senior Settlements. In conjunction with its expanded business model, the Company has also formed relationships with numerous third parties in order to meet the strict demands of our clients. The Company has retained some of the best legal advisors, actuarial and accounting firms and institutional trustees to assist in tax, audit, regulatory, licensing, financial modeling and overall deal structure.

The original mission statement was written in 1998 and remains the same today: “We endeavor to foster an environment of respect, challenge and reward for all of our employees; exceed the expectations of the individuals and companies with whom we are privileged to work and maximize value to our investors”

History Of Life Settlements

A new asset is born

In 1911, United State Supreme Court ruled in Grigsby vs. Russell that insurance policies are legally viewed as financial assets which may be sold to a third party at the owner’s discretion. This court case is the foundation for the large and growing secondary market for life insurance in which policy owners can receive fair market value for their policies rather than accepting the usually lower cash surrender value offered by the issuing insurance company. 

A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy for more than its cash surrender value to a third party purchaser for a lump sum payment. The purchaser buys the policy at a discount to its face value and typically holds it until maturity (death of insured) at which time the investor receives the death benefit payable under the policy from the issuing insurance company. 

The amount paid in a life settlement is based primarily on the life expectancy of the person insured, the face amount of the insurance policy and its ongoing premium requirements. From the original owner’s standpoint, a life settlement typically is a more lucrative alternative to letting the life insurance policy lapse or surrendering it to the issuing insurance company, essentially turning a non-productive asset into a productive asset. 

Benefits of Life Settlements

Low market correlation

A life settlement offers an excellent way to diversify any portfolio and also serves as a great defensive strategy since the return is not dependent upon on or affected by a soft economy, stock market volatilizes, interest rate fluctuations, unexpected global events, or other traditional economic factors.

Strong risk adjusted returns

Life Settlements provides for the opportunity to earn attractive yields, particularly in today's low interest rate environment.

Underlying asset is a highly rated insurance company

Portfolio and policies originated by Senior Settlements are issued by highly rated life insurance companies.  Some have been in existence for over 100 years and represent some of the strongest companies in the world.

Targeted performance through selection

The return on a life settlement is contingent upon the maturity of each life insurance policy. The return is a function of the death benefit collected minus the cost to acquire the policy, premiums and fees paid to maintain the policy. 

With the exception of "when" the policy will mature, all other costs can be reasonably estimated such that projection can be done in advance to illustrate projected returns at various points in time. This sensitivity analysis provides a range of likely outcomes that can help purchasers quantify their decision making process. 

The use of independent third parties to provide life expectancy underwriting provides the estimate of "when" the policy will reasonably mature.  

Senior Settlements employs stringent policy standards and utilizes highly recognized service providers to meet these challenges.  

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